[pstricks] oefill and oeclip

Donut E. Knot the.counterterrorist at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 16 21:12:20 CET 2014

Dear Folks,

I want to report some issues about "oefill" (the complement of "eofill").
	* `oefill` cannot produce transparent region while `eofill` can,
	* `oefill` produces unwanted white space,
	* `oeclip` cannot be used as a clipping path because `oeclip` does not exist.
Here is the minimal working example to show 

% eofill works
% eoclip works
\psclip{\pscustom{\code{/clip /eoclip load def}\common}}
% oefill works but it cannot produce transparent region
% it also produces unwanted whitespaces (the graphics objects get displaced to the right)
% oeclip does not work because oeclip does not exist
%\psclip{\pscustom{\code{/clip /oeclip load def}\common}}

Thank you in advance.

Best regards,

Code Mocker

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