[pstricks] Ghostview/Ghostscript

grivet grivet at cnrs-orleans.fr
Mon Dec 23 12:13:39 CET 2013


I have a problem displaying a file under ghostview/ghostscript/Win7. 
Although this is probably not the best suited newsgroup for my query, 
perhaps somebody can give me a hint or direct me to a more appropriate 

I have an .eps file ("AMX_ph3d.eps") which I can display without problem 
using Ghostview.  Thr problem arises when I try to include this same 
file in a text (using emacs/miktek), say essai.tex. A simplified latex 
program follows.


\begin {document}


   \caption{COSY spectrum of an AMX system}

Latex runs without any problem and dvips generates a .ps file without 
error messages. When I open essai.ps with Ghostview, the figure appears 
and then immediately vanishes. The problem is specific to this file, the 
sequence latex/dvips/ghostview works well with many other files.

I would be quite grateful for any hint.
JP Grivet

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