[pstricks] Compatibility issue with yap in latest pstricks

Paul van der Hulst paul at abulafia.nl
Sun Jan 13 14:25:23 CET 2013


Running MikTex 2.9 32 bit, all updates as of 12/1/2013 applied.

After the latest update, yap only shows a blank window with a menu bar 
and the windows 7 rotating 'busy' doughnut.

This happened after a miktex update. By selectively updating a MikTex 
install on a different machine I narrowed it down to the pstricks 
update. I uninstalled pstricks and then reinstalled from the original 
installation source (december 2011). Problem fixed.

Code to reproduce:




Motivation and operation(forced/self-oscillating)  of class-D amplifiers.\\


Comment out |usepackage{pstricks}| to 'fix'.

Usually I'm up to date with updates, so it seems this is a new issue 
(after december 15 or so) only with the latest yap/pstricks as of 
13/1/2013. Confirmed on 2 machines.

Paul van der Hulst
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