[pstricks] A question about the new version of Pstricks

Guoqiang Li li.g at sjtu.edu.cn
Sun Dec 23 13:36:48 CET 2012

Dear all,


I am an old user of pstricks. Recently, I update my Miktex, finding that all
most all of my old tex files under old version of pstricks cannot be
complied properly under the new version of pstricks adopted in Miktex. I
wonder whether after small refinement, I can save my old graphs.  (I am
trying to replace the new version of pstricks to the old one, but after
replacing, the dvips seems does not work L )


An simple example is as follows:








\oddsidemargin -3.0 cm \evensidemargin 0.0 cm \topmargin -1.2 cm

\textheight 24 cm \textwidth 20 cm







%\rput(6,-4.5){\rnode{P}{}} \ncline{->}{P}{C}






It can be compiled through  latex -> dvips under the old version of
pstricks. But now, after the same methods, the gsview show the following



GSview 5.0 2012-01-17

Unknown in Comments section at line 8:

  %%DocumentFonts: CMMI10 CMR7 CMR10


Unknown in Prolog section at line 64:

  %% PostScript prologue for pstricks.tex.


Unknown in Prolog section at line 65:

  %% Version 1.15, 2012/10/16


Unknown in Prolog section at line 66:



Unknown in Prolog section at line 67:

  %% This program can be redistributed and/or modified under the terms


Unknown in Prolog section at line 68:

  %% of the LaTeX Project Public License Distributed from CTAN archives




Best regards, Guoqiang Li





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China 200240

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