[pstricks] a pst-graph and a pst-tools problems

Cyrille Piatecki cyrille.piatecki at univ-orleans.fr
Fri Dec 7 11:52:39 CET 2012

Dear all,

I don't understand why the code

\usepackage{pstricks, pst-plot,pstricks-add}

%\pstScalePoints(1,1){1989 sub}{}

for the joined file give no errors but no prints -- in Bakoma.

2) I want not the graph to be boxed but I have not found the command.

3) In what concerns pst-tools, I think I have not realy understud your 

Since I use Bakoma and it is not capable to handle pre process code, I 
was wondering if the call to postscript was not a good solution. Fo 
instance If I can transform the ps result in , for instance a tex 
counter, I can use some other styles like ifthen to compute some clause. 
And I coul also find the value of composed functions.

He is what I have in mind.

\def\showPSVal{ gsave 0 0 translate 1 -1 scale
    10 string cvs /Helvetica findfont 100 scalefont setfont  show grestore }



This works.

\psPrintValue [algebraic] {#1, sin(x)}}
\newcommand{\fcos}[1]{\psPrintValue [algebraic,VarName=cosa] {#1, cos(x)}}

$\sin(2) =\, \fsin{2}$

$\cos(1) =\, \fcos{1}$


This doesn't work

\newcommand{\fsq}[1]{\psPrintValue [algebraic] {#1, x^2}}

$3^2 = \,\fsq{2}$

$\cos^2(1) = \fsq{cosa}$


Thanks for your answers and for all the very nice job done by the 
pstricks contributers.

Cyrille Piatecki

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