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hh-brasil at bol.com.br hh-brasil at bol.com.br
Thu Nov 15 13:32:32 CET 2012

your way (using mostly pdflatex) does not work with pstricks.

Latex - dvi - ps (with dvips) - pdf - (with e.g. freepdf.exe)should work in any system.


Em 15/11/2012 05:32, Budi Hari priyanto < bhpriyanto at ymail.com > escreveu:
Dear Lim and All Whom It May Concern,
I would like to share you about that I may be I known about Latex. There are 4 options mode to create a PDF document using various latex versions:
1. Latex -> DVI2. Latex -> PDF (pdfLatex)3. Latex -> PS 4. Latext -> PS -> PDF (pdfLatex)
Problem: A PDF document including graphics that is generated with PSTRICKS results a blank
 PDF document. The problem was caused by Latex or PSTRICKS did not find postscript resolution mode. Latex document (that is generated with PSTRICKS) needs postscript resolution before creating graphics in PDF document (see option 4). In other word, you can not create a PDF document using graphics PSTRICKS without postscript resolution. So, please complete your intallation TeXShop and XeLaTeX with GSView and GostScript.. 
Attachment files (MarkLim.DVI,  MarkLim.PDF, and MarkLim.PS) were resulted by your source code here: 
\begin{document}	\psset{algebraic=true}
	\pspicture(-2,-0.5)(2,2)		\psline{}(-2,0)(2,0)		\psline{->}(0,-0.5)(0,2)		\psplot{-1.5}{1}{x*x+x}	\endpspicture
I see your codes are well. Your source codes are also running well in Linux (Ubuntu OS).Enjoy your Latex.
Best regards,
        Dari: Mark Lim 
 Kepada: Budi Hari priyanto ; Graphics with PSTricks  
 Dikirim: Kamis, 8 November 2012 1:41
 Judul: Re: [pstricks] pstrcks digest vol 117 issue 19
Dear Budi, Thanks. You got the code to typeset finally to a pdf output. Great work.
Using code as per Budi' correction.
 I could not generate a PDF. It is blank.
 It's my set up. Anyone has a better solution to my setup?

I am using Mac OS X using TeXShop 2.37.Typset: XeLaTeX.
Pulldown: TeX and DVI
I could not generate a PDF file . 

Please see the .tex screenshot and the .console screenshot as attached.regards

On Thu, Nov 8, 2012 at 3:04 PM, Budi Hari priyanto <bhpriyanto at ymail.com> wrote:

This is a solution for pdf blank problem sent by Mark in PSTricks Digest Vol 117 Issue 19.
Please deleted line 20 and 70 (make error) and do not type the line numbers. 

The Mark's Codes are running well in dvi and pdf mode using  using Miktex 2.8 and TeXnicCenter editor. Output Latex1.pdf (attach). 
10 	\documentclass{article}20 	% \usepackage{pst-all}<--
 delete this line30 	 \usepackage{pstricks}
40 	\pagestyle{empty}50 	\usepackage{fontenc}
60  	\usepackage{pstricks-add}
70	% \usepackage{pst-pdf}<-- delete this line
8090	\begin{document}
100		\psset{algebraic=true}110		\pspicture(-2,-0.5)(2,2)
120			\psline{}(-2,0)(2,0)130			\psline{->}(0,-0.5)(0,2)
140			\psplot{-1.5}{1}{x*x+x}
150		\endpspicture160	\end{document}



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