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Jean-Michel Sarlat jm.sarlat at gmail.com
Tue Oct 16 16:34:32 CEST 2012

Hello Jon,

2012/10/16 Jon Joseph <josco.jon at gmail.com>

> All; The pst-solides3d package is an excellent piece of work that I have
> invested many hours learning.  Unfortunately the documentation is out of
> date and at least a few more examples could be added.  I know it is a pain
> to document new features and the esoteric periphery  of any computer
> program but given the complexity and broad utility of this package it is
> really necessary.
> If I can be of any help to get this done please let me know.  The package
> has become so large it probably needs a book unto itself.
> Jon
A git repository is associated with pst-solides3d. If you wish, I can
provide access to contribute to its development ... Just to share a ssh key
with  Mélusine ....
It is even possible to create a repository dedicated to the documentation
and proliferation of examples. It is, perhaps, what is better to do in the
near future ...

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