[pstricks] trouble with postscript stack

Jon Joseph josco.jon at gmail.com
Fri Oct 12 13:39:01 CEST 2012

In the following code I use two definitions of the parametric function.  The only thing I change is the order of the constant multiplier. One works and one generates nonsense.  Is this a bug or something I don't understand about the ps stack?  Thanks. Jon

\usepackage[letterpaper,asymmetric=true, total={18cm,22cm}, 
		top=3cm, bindingoffset=1cm]{geometry}
\usepackage{pst-fun, pst-coil}


	\psset{viewpoint=20 5 15, Decran=25, lightsrc=viewpoint}
	\defFunction{cone}(u,v) {v Cos 3 mul }{v Sin 2 mul }{u}% <---------------------  Works
	%\defFunction{cone}(u, v){3 v Cos mul}{2 v Sin mul}{u}%  <------------------------  Doesn't work
		 base=-2 2 0 2 pi mul, 
		 ngrid=25 40]


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