[pstricks] plotstyle=line

Alexander Michel alex at monsterblock.de
Wed Aug 1 16:19:21 CEST 2012

Hi all,

I encountered a problem with plotting numeric values from a
measurement with the pst-plot package. Here the mini example. The file
mess1data.tex with the measured values and the resulting pdf is


\listplot[plotstyle=line,linecolor=blue, linewidth=1pt]{\data}
\listplot[plotstyle=TestLine,linecolor=red, linewidth=1pt]{\data}

As you can see the plotstyle "line" which uses the postscript "lineto"
function generates some weird noise. This "noise" is caused because
postscript interprets the plot as a path and tries to connect the
lines with a "corner". Because the high noise and the nearly parallel
lines, the "corners" get quite big, which looks like noise (see the
blue plot).

Because I have not found an other plotstyle which just draws lines
between the points without creating a path I added my own to
pstricks-add.pro called /TestLine:

/TestLine {
  NArray            % all x-y pairs on stack
  n {moveto        % go to current point
	 2 copy
  } repeat
} def

By using "moveto" before "Lineto" no path is generated. I was also
able to get it somehow in the pstricks framework so I could use it for
the red plot. Here you see that the weird noise is gone. However,
because of my very limited latex skills I was not really able to get
it into the pstricks framework (see the line from end to start). So my
question is:

Is there another, simpler way I'm not aware of? Or is it possible to
add a similar plotstyle like TestLine to the pstricks package?

Thanks for your help

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