[pstricks] PSTricks Coordinates by Point and Click

Christian Häger christianhaeger at me.com
Thu Jul 5 09:02:42 CEST 2012


After searching google for quite some time now, I decided to post this question here in the mailinglist: Does anyone know a tool that would allow me to obtain PSTricks Coordinates for a picture in a Pdf by a point and click procedure? What I am searching for is a tiny bit of WYSIWYG for my PSTricks-Workflow. In particular, I am annotating a lot of graphs, which I get from another program. At the moment, I determine the exact position of my annotations by an iterative procedure: activate pstricks grid -> put label at (x,y) -> compile -> not exactly where I wanted -> change coordinate -> etc. - If one has 20 annotations, this can take a long time and it would be much easier to just click at the correct position in the pdf and get the PSTricks coordinate like (6.31, 2.11) in the clipboard. Via google I found a lot of tools that can digitalize graphs, i.e. grab data points from pictures, such as jpg, pdf, and so on, by first setting up a reference frame and then point and click. But these programs require you to load the figure every time you recompile the PStricks code, which does not really speed up the workflow. 
Any comments, hints or discussion are very appreciated! Thank you in advance. 


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