[pstricks] Question on Textures

Mike Wile mike at necomp.us
Tue Jun 12 19:42:42 CEST 2012


I am trying to get pstricks running under Textures. I pulled down the pstricks (complete). On the tug.org/applications/PSTricks site it said to:

     move all files from the distribution folders dvips/, generic/, and latex/ into Tex Inputs.

     Rename the file pstricks.con to pstricks.dvips

     Make a change to the pstricks.pro file.

I did all these. It then said to rename textures.con to pstricks.con. I cannot find this file anywhere. I've tried a google search, looked on Bluesky's site, ctan's site, tug.org's site, but can't find it. Could you tell me where I might locate it.


Mike Wile

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