[pstricks] problem with pscustom

Kin Mye kinmye at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 18:21:38 CEST 2012

>download>http://archiv.dante.de/~herbert/Ubuntu/eitl.sh <http://archiv.dante.de/%7Eherbert/Ububtu/eitl.sh>

>make it executable with "chmod 744 eitl.sh"
>and run it with "./eitl.sh"

Dear Herbert,
Thank you very much for this script. I have run it without any
problem. Now I have an updated version!

The bad news is that the update did not solve the problem ...
The good news: I manage to narrow down the problem. It seems it is
related with 'evince', the pdf viewer.

The process I follow: latex + dvips + ps2pdf14 and evince to see the .pdf.

- evince myfile.ps : ok
- evince myfile.pdf: wrong (see the atached png)
- acroread myfile.pdf: ok
- print from evince myfile.pdf: printing ok.

I attach the .pdf file and the screenshot of what I see with evince myfile.pdf.

I have done around 100 figures with pstricks (mainly psplot and block diagrams)
and the only problem I have found is the one I mention here: drawing
the area under a function.
This happened from approx. 2 years ago.


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