[pstricks] value of shadow can't be a macro

Marco Daniel marco.daniel at mada-nada.de
Tue May 1 12:43:46 CEST 2012

Dear Jean,

thanks for your reply. I was able to locate the problem. It depends on 
the implementation of xkeyval.

The following redefinition will work:

\def\XKV at ch@ckch at ice#1#2#3{%
   \def\XKV at tempa{#1}%
   \ifx\XKV at tempa\@nnil\let\XKV at tempa\@empty\else
     \def\XKV at tempa{\def#1{#2}}%
%%%  \in@{,#2,}{,#3,} original
     \ifXKV at pl
       \XKV at addtomacro@n\XKV at tempa\@firstoftwo
       \XKV at addtomacro@n\XKV at tempa\@firstofone
     \ifXKV at pl
       \XKV at addtomacro@n\XKV at tempa\@secondoftwo
       \XKV at toks{#2}%
       \XKV at err{value `\the\XKV at toks' is not allowed}%
       \XKV at addtomacro@n\XKV at tempa\@gobble
   \XKV at tempa


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