[pstricks] problem with aeb_pro (pdf animation)

Luis Sequeira lfsequeira at gmail.com
Mon Mar 19 16:53:04 CET 2012

> P.S. I use TexLive, I have Acrobat Professional and Distiller. How is possible to have the workflow you said me (Latex-->dvi-->distiller-->pdf) with TexShop? XeLateX is right?

The easiest way to have the required workflow in TeXShop is to add a special comment line at the top of your file (it is a comment as far as TeX is concerned, beginning with the comment character '%' ; but TeXShop looks at the first lines of the source file for this and other similar information and calls the appropriate commands accordingly):

%! TEX TS-program = latex

Similarly, you can replace 'latex' with 'pdflatex' or 'xelatex' to get your source automatically typeset with a different engine. 

As to using XeLaTeX, if you want to use it in documents containing pstricks stuff, you'll need to use the package auto-pst-pdf:


Note: TeXShop is an excellent front-end to all things TeX-related. Since it is Mac-only, you may get more help more quickly for things specific to TeXShop in the Mac OS X TeX mailing list. 

Luis Sequeira

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