[pstricks] Using pstricks with Lua - is it possible?

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Thu Mar 8 22:20:42 CET 2012

El 7 de marzo de 2012 17:23, Luis Sequeira <lfsequeira at gmail.com> escribió:

> I have used pstricks for years. One aspect that really interests me is the
> generation of complex pstricks figures programatically.
> (for an example, consider generating a calendar for, a given year, say,
> 2013; it involves drawing 365 boxes, with numbers, different colors,
> markings for holidays, etc. and a lot of calculations that are better done
> in more general programming language, rather than LaTeX)
> I have generated complex pstricks code like that, containing hundreds of
> commands, automatically (via C++ programming) - that involves writing a C++
> program that writes down a tex file, and then running this through LaTeX
> I was hoping to use Lua scripting to be able to automatically generate
> pstricks code, right from inside LaTeX, thus making this process
> self-contained.
> But this looks like it may not be possible:
>  - running lualatex with pstricks code in the LaTeX file only appears to
> be possible through the auto-pst-pdf package;
>  - and that in turn spawns separate latex runs for all the pstricks stuff,
> where the lua scripting is *not* interpreted.
> Is there some way to do this? Any suggestions? I am able to "script"
> regular LaTeX commands in lualatex, but I'm stumped because of the
> postscript nature of pstricks via the "pdflatex" nature of lualatex.
> Luis Sequeira
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