[pstricks] Grad or slpe in double line or think line

Arne Hallam ahallam at iastate.edu
Thu Feb 16 14:58:44 CET 2012

Is there a way to create a filled arrow where the fill is a gradient. 
What I would like is the arrow to show progression from the left to the 

In the following I would like the arrows to show a gradient.




\begin{psmatrix}[mcol=l,mnode=r, colsep=1.1cm,rowsep=10pt]
&  Poor & Fair & Good & \\
Self-centered &~& &&        Mindful of other people \\
Lazy &~& &&   Diligent \\
Not thankful &~ & &&      Full of thanks \\
Mind not focused &~ & && Mind focused \\
General, not specific &~& &&        Specific, not general \\


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