[pstricks] [pst-coil] Question concerning period

Carsten Vogel texnicer at web.de
Thu Jan 26 07:06:27 CET 2012

Dear List!

My aim is to create a "coiled framed box" in order to typeset this 
element: http://bayimg.com/DAmPOaADc (CAUTION-Box). Easy, consistent and 
flexible solutions very welcome.

In order to do so, I started using pst-coil as a frame around this text.
Lately I have been wondering about the usage of "period" in pst-coil.
I can hardly understand, why coilwidth and coilheight are related, but I 
cannot understand why "period=" does not have an effect here.

To me it is neither "Periodenlänge" (length) nor "Periodenanzahl" 
(absolute value/number of periods occuring).

In my example:
1) period approx 3,5
2) period > 10


Looking forward to explainations of "period" and - even more - simpler 
solutions drawing such a coilbox (slanted line)?


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