[pstricks] problem with pst-3d: rm=0 1

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Wed Jan 11 10:48:16 CET 2012

Am 10.01.2012 21:21, schrieb Carlo Alberini:

> I have some problems with an option of \psSolid command: rm
> I don't know how are numbered the faces that I want to hollow (with the
> comand rm) in a solid figure.
> In attachment you can find a sectioned cone (conica_degen2.tex) and in
> this figure I want to hollow the upper and the lower bases in order to
> have a figure like that you can find in the second attachment
> (iperbole_gen_def).


to show the internal number of the faces, which then can
be used for the rm parameter


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