[pstricks] psdots: order of scaling and rotating

Uwe Siart uwe.siart at tum.de
Sun Nov 14 16:49:52 CET 2010


the pstricks documentation says about dotangle: "After setting the size
and scaling the dots, the dots are rotated by \emph{angle}."

Therefore I expected to get a rectangle (dotstyle=square scaled by
dotscale=2 1) rotated by 45 degrees in the following example:

  \psdot[dotstyle=square,dotscale=2 1,dotangle=45](.5,.5)

However, as a result I see a diamond rather than a rotated rectangle. I
think this indicates that the dot symbol is rotated first and then
scaled by 'dotscale=2 1'. So either there is a bug in the pstricks
package or the documentation is wrong in this case.


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