[pstricks] Draw a vector field

David Tarazona daleotar at gmail.com
Tue Nov 9 03:40:11 CET 2010

Hi again and thanks for the support

My question is simple, how i can to draw a vector field of the gradient of a
z=f(x,y) function???

i mean, the gradient of z is:

∇Z=(∂z/∂x) î + (∂z/∂y) ĵ

so i want to graph the vector field as seen on pages 9 and 23 on this PDF:

i think that i could use simply a "double multido" for x and y and graph the
vectors, but i dont know how to get the color effect shown in the PDF...

thanks for the support again


David Tarazona
Desarrollos Inteligentes - Mechcorp Ltda.
Tel: (57)(1) 700-6364
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