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I need to draw the density function of the Vasicek distribution: This 
density function has the following structure:

a * Exp[ (b * norminv(x) + c)^2 + d * norminv(x)^2  ] where a,b,c and d 
are constants.

Since there exist an Exp-operator in pstricks, the only thing I need is a 
norminv operator (an approximation of the inverse of the standard normal 
Is there someone who can help me to build this in pstricks?

you can find the algorithm in several programming languages.

Here a perl implementation:

sub ltqnorm ($) {
    # Lower tail quantile for standard normal distribution function.
    # This function returns an approximation of the inverse cumulative
    # standard normal distribution function.  I.e., given P, it returns
    # an approximation to the X satisfying P = Pr{Z <= X} where Z is a
    # random variable from the standard normal distribution.
    # The algorithm uses a minimax approximation by rational functions
    # and the result has a relative error whose absolute value is less
    # than 1.15e-9.
    # Author:      Peter John Acklam
    # Time-stamp:  2000-07-19 18:26:14
    # E-mail:      pjacklam at online.no
    # WWW URL:     http://home.online.no/~pjacklam

    my $p = shift;
    die "input argument must be in (0,1)\n" unless 0 < $p && $p < 1;

    # Coefficients in rational approximations.
    my @a = (-3.969683028665376e+01,  2.209460984245205e+02,
             -2.759285104469687e+02,  1.383577518672690e+02,
             -3.066479806614716e+01,  2.506628277459239e+00);
    my @b = (-5.447609879822406e+01,  1.615858368580409e+02,
             -1.556989798598866e+02,  6.680131188771972e+01,
             -1.328068155288572e+01 );
    my @c = (-7.784894002430293e-03, -3.223964580411365e-01,
             -2.400758277161838e+00, -2.549732539343734e+00,
              4.374664141464968e+00,  2.938163982698783e+00);
    my @d = ( 7.784695709041462e-03,  3.224671290700398e-01,
              2.445134137142996e+00,  3.754408661907416e+00);

    # Define break-points.
    my $plow  = 0.02425;
    my $phigh = 1 - $plow;

    # Rational approximation for lower region:
    if ( $p < $plow ) {
       my $q  = sqrt(-2*log($p));
       return ((((($c[0]*$q+$c[1])*$q+$c[2])*$q+$c[3])*$q+$c[4])*$q+$c[5]) 

    # Rational approximation for upper region:
    if ( $phigh < $p ) {
       my $q  = sqrt(-2*log(1-$p));
-((((($c[0]*$q+$c[1])*$q+$c[2])*$q+$c[3])*$q+$c[4])*$q+$c[5]) /

    # Rational approximation for central region:
    my $q = $p - 0.5;
    my $r = $q*$q;
    return ((((($a[0]*$r+$a[1])*$r+$a[2])*$r+$a[3])*$r+$a[4])*$r+$a[5])*$q 

Kind regards,


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