[pstricks] PSTricks in print

John Frampton j.frampton at neu.edu
Wed Sep 22 13:17:44 CEST 2010


If you are compiling a list of PSTricks in print, you can add my
"Distributed Reduplication" (MIT Press) from last year.  Not
mathematics, but all the graphics use PSTricks.  There must be
over 100 illustrations.

 From the acknowledgments:

    I also owe a debt to the many people responsible for developing
    PSTricks, the Tex software that allowed me to depict the
    autosegmental representations that are fundamental to the theory
    that I propose.  Herbert Voss, its current maintainer and
    developer, and Timothy Van Zandt, the original author of
    PSTricks, deserve special thanks.  I have long thought that the
    difficulty in depicting complex strutures has had a negative
    impact on the development of theories of linguistic computation.
    Advances in typesetting tools will help free up linguists to
    pursue more thoroughly autosegmental approaches to phonology.
    I also owe a debt to Rei Fukui, who constructed the phonetic
    fonts (TIPA) which I relied on.

Thanks again,
John Frampton

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