[pstricks] weird margins with a0poster

maja zaloznik maja.zaloznik at gmail.com
Wed Sep 8 21:15:48 CEST 2010


First of all, when I say weird, I simply mean "I don't understand" (as one
does colloquially).

Here's my example:

 \documentclass[portrait, a0b]{a0poster}














\psframe[linecolor=red](0,0)(\textwidth, 10cm )



Its a poster, so ideally one would want both margins to be equal? Which they
are not, but further more I'm not sure why a psframebox with 0 framesep is
still wider than a pspicture if they are both \textwidth.

Oh, I'm using LaTex+dvips+ps2pdf and in case its just me, here is what I


(not sure I can attach files, so I won't try).

I'm making a poster using pstricks and ideally I want to use \textwidth a
lot, so I would really appreciate any pointers. I also realise this is not
purely a pstricks question, but a0poster.cls seems really straightforward,
all the margins and separators are set to 0, so I don't understand why it
isn't symmetrical!

Thanks and sorry if this is too newby-ish!

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