[pstricks] psbezier in pscustom (better code fragment)

Dwight Aplevich aplevich at uwaterloo.ca
Mon Aug 30 02:38:16 CEST 2010

Oops, the code fragment previously sent had a bug, fixed
in the following, which is better but still tentative:

   \@ifundefined{Pst at noCurrentPoint}{%
     \@ifundefined{MPS at PatchA}{\gdef\MPS at PatchA{}%
       \def\psbezier at ii{\addto at pscode{%
       \ifshowpoints true \else false \fi\tx at OpenBezier%
       \ifshowpoints\tx at BezierShowPoints\fi}\end at OpenObj}}{}}%
   {\@ifundefined{MPS at PatchB}{\gdef\MPS at PatchB{}%
     \typeout{ Redefining psbezier to use all coordinate pairs }%
     \global\let\Pic at psbezier=\psbezier%
     \gdef\psbezier{\psset[pstricks]{noCurrentPoint=true}\Pic at psbezier}%
     \gdef\psbezierC{\psset[pstricks]{noCurrentPoint=false}\Pic at psbezier}}{}}

Dwight Aplevich 

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