[pstricks] axesboxed with surfaceparametree in solides3d

Zbigniew Nitecki zbigniew.nitecki at tufts.edu
Thu Aug 19 16:29:24 CEST 2010

I am trying to draw the elliptic paraboloid z=4x^2+y^2 and have it enclosed in a box.
However, I want to cut the paraboloid at height z=4, which means I must draw it using surfaceparametree rather than \psssurface or other automatic graphing macros (all of which,
as far as I can tell, have domain necessarily specified as a rectangle in x and y, rather than an ellipse).  
If I try to use \psSolid[object=parallelepiped, then the lines either overwrite or are overwritten by the surface (depending on the order in which I draw surface and box).  However, axesboxed inside the drawing seems to yield nothing:
				\psset{lightsrc=40 50 50, viewpoint=18 65 30 rtp2xyz}
%				\psSolid[object=parallelepiped,
%				a=3,
%				b=5,
%				c=4.5
%				](-1.5,-2.5,0)
					{r t cos mul}%
					{2 r t sin mul mul}
					{4 r dup mul mul}
				base=0 1 0 360,
				ngrid=32 32,
				axesboxed, Zmin=0, Zmax=4.5,
%				\psSolid[object=parallelepiped,
%				a=3,
%				b=5,
%				c=4.5
%				](-1.5,-2.5,0)
shows no box at all.

Is there a way to enclose a surface defined parametrically in a box, but with appropriate hiding
of lines?

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