[pstricks] A badly posed question concerning pst3d-solides

Zbigniew Nitecki zbigniew.nitecki at tufts.edu
Tue Aug 3 18:24:17 CEST 2010

That particular omission was an oversight---it is a macro for writing f(x,y,z)--- but it does not affect my question.
\newcommand{\fof}[1]{\of{f}{#1}}%function f
\newcommand{\fofxyz}{\fof{x,y,z}}%generic function f

My problem is that when I put my code snippet inside a minimal example, surrounded only by 
\begin{document} and \end{document}, it prints fine, just like the one you got.
But when the same code is inside my larger document (which is way too long to post)
the sphere overwrites the nodes (dots) and labels---unless I use \rput* instead of \rput,
in which case they are not overwritten, but the dots appear inside white boxes.

I tried putting the full preamble of my long document into the minimal document, 
to see if there was any package conflict, but it still compiles fine. 
Nonetheless in the context of the whole long document the sphere overwrites the nodes.

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On Aug 3, 2010, at 12:00, Herbert Voss wrote:

> Am 03.08.2010 16:33, schrieb Zbigniew Nitecki:
>> Below I will copy some code, which on its own (inside a minimal example) creates 
>> a perfectly good picture.  However, when I incorporate it into a larger, book-length
>> document (which would be way too huge to attach here), it prints fine, except for all
>> the \psPoints and related \uputs.  I have not noticed this problem with other diagrams.
>> Can anyone speculate as to what might cause this, and how to work around it?
> such code snippets are senseless, because we do not
> have the definition of \fofxyz. Please provide
> _always_ working examples. Then you'd realized that
> the definition was missing.
> When delete the backslash from \fofxyz I get the
> attached picture.
> Herbert
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