[pstricks] {pst-eucl?} Drawing a circle with tangent

Hubert Lam pstricks at tug.org
Mon Aug 2 04:55:20 CEST 2010

In the documentation of pst-eucl the author shows how to draw a circle
with a tangent by specifying three points: the end points of the tangent
and the centre of the circle, then the point of contact is found by
\pstProjection (i.e. radius is perpendicular to point of contact) and
then the circle is drawn using \pstCircleOA.

Is there a way of using the macros in pst-eucl (and/or pstricks-add) to
specify the radius of the circle, and then drawing the tangent from
there without having to differentiate the semicircle function, find the
coordinates of the point of contact and then substitute into y = mx + b?



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