[pstricks] Normal arrows along a curve

James OtterzStuff at Bellsouth.net
Sun Aug 1 20:27:15 CEST 2010

On 7/30/2010 3:10 PM, Herbert Voss wrote:
> Am 30.07.2010 17:16, schrieb James:
>> Assuming I could draw with the symbols, I may be able to draw the figure
>> twice, once with a dotted line, and again with outward facing pipes or
>> arrow symbols to get the effect - but I had no luck.
>> If I get more time, I would like to look into what you referred too.
> maybe \psplotTangent is an option. See documentation
> of pstricks-add
> Herbert
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I took another look at the pstricks-add document, turns out I was 
looking at an old version. Using the (real) latest version, the 
parametric plot stuff worked fine, and actually works like I was 
wishing/hoping it would. I do need to define a better looking parametric 
plot, since right now I am just using a circle. But this code is what I 
am using, and if I get obsessive compulsive enough, I want to tweek the 
number of tick lines so that it scales (down) better.

\scalebox{1.0} % Change this value to rescale the drawing.
     \psparametricplot[plotpoints=100,linewidth=0.04]{90}{270}{t cos 1 
add 1.5 mul t sin 1 add 1.5 mul}
cos 1 add 1.5 mul t sin 1 add 1.5 mul}
     \pscurvepoints[plotpoints=100]{270}{450}{t cos 1 add 1.5 mul t sin 
1 add 1.5 mul}{P}%
     \pspolylineticks[Os=0,Ds=0.22,ticksize=0 0]{P}%
     { ds }{0}{22}% distance

Thanks for your help, and if you have an critiques, I'd love them.

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