[pstricks] Undefined control sequence \resetOptions

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Thu Jul 29 21:17:04 CEST 2010

Am 29.07.2010 20:32, schrieb Olga Lyashevska:

> I have updated pstricks-add package and now I encounter a problem.
> I found in archive a similar post on May 21 2009, where it was suggested
> to correct pstricks-add.tex (search for \pstScalePoints and delete the
> \iffalse ... \fi around it), but this part doesn't not exist anymore.
> The reason I decided to update package is that because I had another
> problem (PSTricks error. ! Undefined fill style: `transparent'.
> \@pstrickserr ... immediate help.}\errmessage {#1}\endgroup 
> l.110 ...,fillstyle=transparent](4.5,4.5)(6.5,6.5)                                                 
> ?)
> I thought that the new version might solve it.


that is true, but you have to update nearly _all_ PSTricks related
packages. At least the basic ones

the tex, sty and, if it exists, the pro files. The easiest way is
to copy the files from http://archiv.dante.de/~herbert/PSTricks-TDS.tgz
over the existing ones. The files in the tarzip are already in the
right directories. After copying run texhash.


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