[pstricks] Syntax *0 not working

Uwe Siart uwe.siart at tum.de
Wed Jul 28 09:15:32 CEST 2010

On 27 Jul 2010 at 22:23, Michael Sharpe wrote:

> Uwe, try putting
> \makeatletter
> \def\psset@@@rot#1#2\@nil{%
>   \psset@@rot#2\@nil%
>   \edef\psk at rot{\pst at rotlist \ifx\psk at rot\@empty\else\space ps at rot add \fi}%
>   \pst at Verb{ gsave  STV CP T /ps at rot \ifx\psk at rot\@empty 0 \else \psk at rot \fi def grestore }%
> }% (MJS)
> \makeatother
> in your preamble.

Michael, this works but Herbert already uploaded a fix. A spurious 
blank was the culprit.

Thanks for your fast response. My graphics that used {*0} were pretty 
screwed up ;-)


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