[pstricks] pstricks-add psbrace: nodesep has no effect.

Herbert Voss Herbert.Voss at FU-Berlin.DE
Sat Jul 24 20:59:50 CEST 2010

Am 24.07.2010 20:40, schrieb Greg Hersh:

> I've tried psbrace, got all options working except nodesep (ditto for nodesepA and nodesepB). Seems like it has no effect. No matter what the value is, the brace starts from the center of the node A (and B).
> Here is my original LaTeX statements:
> \begin{pspicture}(0,0)(2,0.25) 
>                                            \psline{<->}(0,0)(2,0) 
>                                            \rput(0.45,0){$]$} 
>                                            \rput(0.55,0){$($} 
>                                            \rput(1.5,0){$]$}
>                                            \rput(0.5,-0.35){$a$}
>                                            \rput(1.5,-0.35){$b$}
>                                         \rput(0.5,-0.35){\rnode{A}{$a$}}
>                                         \rput(1.5,-0.35){\rnode{B}{$b$}}
>                                           \psbrace[braceWidth=0.5pt,braceWidthInner=4pt,braceWidthOuter=4pt,nodesepA=2pt,nodesepB=2pt(A)(B){}                                                       \end{pspicture} 

as I already wrote: please provide _complete_ examples to test
your code. In the above case you'd seen yourself, that a ]
is missing to test your example!

Read the documentation of pstricks-add for the meaning of
nodesepA and nodesepB for \psbrace.


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