[pstricks] two questions re pst3d-solides

Florian Schubert schubinet at gmx.net
Sat Jul 24 18:23:23 CEST 2010

Question 1 (there was no question :) ):
I think the problem is, that you fuse the psSurface with nothing else. I
don`t know if it is what you want, but


instead of

> \psSolid[
> object=fusion,
> action=draw**,
> base=graphsurf,
> ]

should work.

Question 2:
> \defFunction[algebraic]{curvey}(t){0.5-1.5*t^2}{}{}

Empty brases are to be provided with a null.

And you have to use \psSolid instead of \psProjection.

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