[pstricks] pspicture scaling.

Patrice MÉGRET Patrice.MEGRET at umons.ac.be
Mon Jul 19 07:38:30 CEST 2010

Dear Piter,

You can aslo use \scalebox{0.7}{ your figure code}  from graphics package to scale the figure and the text to what you want.
(Or \psscalebox from pstricks package).

>From doc:
\scalebox {<h-scale>i}[<v-scale>]{<text>}

\psscalebox{num1 num2}{stuff }
If you give two numbers in the first argument, num1 is used to scale
horizontally and num2 is used to scale vertically. If you give just one
number, the box is scaled by the same in both directions. You can't
scale by zero, but negative numbers are OK, and have the effect of
flipping the box around the axis. You never know when you need to
do something like this (\scalebox{-1 1}{this}).

Best regards,
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Hi all.
I have made a picture using pst-optexp
I there any way to make it half size without remaking all coordinates.

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