[pstricks] Problems with pst2pdf

Helmer Aslaksen mathelmr at nus.edu.sg
Sun Jul 11 15:03:50 CEST 2010


I'm sorry, but I'm still having some trouble with implementing http://tug.org/PSTricks/main.cgi?file=pdf/pdfoutput under MiKTeX.

I downloaded the pst2pdf package, and renamed the file pst2pdf to pst2pdf.pl, put it somewhere MiKTeX could find it and ran it. I got the following error.

[Loading MPS to PDF converter (version 2006.09.02).]
! Undefined control sequence.
<argument> \test
l.11 ...[scale=1]{images/.\test-pst2pdf-tmp-0.pdf}

Any suggestions?


By the way, thanks for adding the link to the pdf2eps shell script. MiKTeX does not have  pdftops and pdf2ps does not have the -f and -l options, so instead I created pdf2eps.bat as below. Just in case other people have the same problem as I had.

:: pdf2eps <picture number> <pdf file without ext>
pdfcrop "%2.pdf"
gswin32c.exe -sDEVICE=epswrite -dNOPAUSE -dBATCH -dFirstPage=%1 -dLastPage=%1 -sOutputFile=%2-crop.eps %2-crop.pdf
move %2-crop.eps %2.eps

Helmer Aslaksen
Dept. of Mathematics
National Univ. of Singapore
Singapore 117543

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