[pstricks] pst-eucl documentation (in bulgarian language)

Stefka Romanova Karakoleva skarakoleva at uni-ruse.bg
Tue Jun 29 16:13:01 CEST 2010

> Dominique RODRIGUEZ:
> This is really nice for bulgarian users, there is no restriction at all
to translate this free documentation, please upload it.
> Thank you all of you for using pst-eucl...
> Dominique

Hello, Dominique,

I made file euclide_bg.sty, in which I change euclide language:

\DeclareOption{bulgarian}{\gdef\euclide at language{bulgarian}}%
\def\euclide at language{bulgarian}%
\message{ Ръководство на пакет за Евклидова геометрия, версия
\fileversion, \filedate\space (Dominique RODRIGUEZ)}%
\message{ Ръководство за всички команди за pst-eucl}% \message{ Внимание!
Вие използвате установен \euclide at language \ език.}% ...
\usepackage[english,\euclide at language]{babel}
\lfoot{Български превод: skarakoleva at gmail.com}
\rfoot{Автор: \textsc{Доминик Родригес}}

My documentation is in euclide_bulgarian.tex (euclide_bulgarian.pdf)

In fact, I had a lot of problems with making Glossary in bulgarian. When I
write the first argument in \defcom commannd in cyrillic alphabet, I get 
77 rejected entries after command
makeindex -s euclide_macros.ist -o euclide_bulgarian_macros.ind

Now the BG-glossary is OK.
(see file euclide_bulgarian.pdf

> From: Herbert Voss
> You should name the file
> pst-eucl-docBL.tex
> then we can change the current file name to pst-eucl-docEN.tex
> and I'll modify the Makefile to create both documents.
> However, upload your files
> pst-eucl-docBL.tex
> pst-eucl-docBL.pdf
> to CTAN http://dante.ctan.org/upload
> Herbert

I have to make some corrections in my documentation file (in bulgarian
(BG) language) and then I'll upload the all files to DANTE.
Thank you!

My best regards,

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