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Mon Jun 28 15:12:16 CEST 2010

Do you work with letters instead of numbers? E.g. 1 should be A, 2 would be B and so on?

Em 27/06/2010 08:14, Antoine Pairet < antoine at pairet.be > escreveu:
What is the correct way to deal with TeX memory problems?

I am plotting a large amount of data from a .dat file with \listplot and
the memory capacity of TeX is exceeded. 
The error I got:

Runaway definition?
->/ArrowA { moveto } def /ArrowB { } def  0.8 SLW 0  setgray  /ArrowA
! TeX capacity exceeded, sorry [main memory size=3000000].
\pst at code ...5 D -4.0613 D -3.6773 D -3.521 D -3.4
                                                  307 D -3.3236 D
-3.0443 D ...
l.34   \listplot[plotNo=27,plotNoMax=40]{\bspa}{\bspa}

If I plot less data, ie up to 26, no problem occurs. The problem does
not come from the data itself. Indeed, I am able to plot data from 20 to
40 by commenting the 20 first lines of the listplot block.

How should this error be tackled? Should I increase TeX main memory? If
so, how is it properly done? 
Should I split the data into several .dat files or is the memory usage
"linked" with the psgraph environment and not with the \readdata?

Best regards,

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