[pstricks] Using "\pause" in Powerdot

Hubert Lam pstricks at tug.org
Sun Jun 20 10:35:12 CEST 2010

This is somewhat pstricks related, but mostly Powerdot related.

I would like to show working line by line in a gather*/aligned or align*
environment, using the "\pause" command" like this:

Expand the following (not-so-easy) binomial expressions:
\item<1-> $(a + b)^4$
        \begin{align*} \pause
        (a + b)^4   &= (a + b)(a + b)^3  \\ \pause
                    &= (a + b)(1a^3 + 3a^2 b + 3ab^2 + 1b^3)  \\ \pause
                    &= 1a^4 + 4a^3 b + 6a^2 b^2 + 4ab^3 + 1b^4

In the manual the authors of powerdot manage to pause a lstlisting.
However there are no examples for other math environments.

Is this possible at all?

The pstricks-related part is that if I were to show a part of a diagram
being drawn, it obviously wouldn't be possible unless I progressively
altered the diagrams slide by slide, correct?

Many thanks


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