[pstricks] pstricks-add \psComment: need a help with the last option [line macro]

Greg Hersh gehersh at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 16 22:09:47 CEST 2010

Runing MikTeX the latest version (2.8, I believe). Yesterday I updated pstricks and downloaded pstricks-add, to give it a try. Started going through the options one by one. Got a problem with \psComment. Something like this:

\psComment[ref=r](0,0)(1,1){Some Text}

works fine, but when I try to use the last option [line macro] (say, I want to change the default \ncline to \ncarc):

\psComment[ref=r](0,0)(1,1){Some Text}[\ncarc]

I get a syntax error "Missing options" or something like that. Can anyone show me what is the correct syntax for that last option?



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