[pstricks] log/ln in radial context for circular sliderule

Carsten Vogel (orphaned) lego at wh10.tu-dresden.de
Sun May 23 09:40:16 CEST 2010

I am working myself through the magic of sliderules right now and want 
to spend some thoughts on rebuilding one. I think that labeling should 
be done precisely therefore by PSTricks (or maybe something else?).

Now I started to map 1..10 to 0..360 of a circle to draw tickmarks in a 
log-fashion. My idea is (1st iteration):
$f(x)=-\frac{\ln(x)\times360}{\ln(10)}$  $D_f=[0..10]\subset\mathbf{N}$

So where do I go wrong?

%% /lograd \i\space ln -360 mul 10 ln div def

Even a "simple number" isnt doing it and throwing "! Bad number: `lograd´."




	/lograd 10 def
	\psline(4.9; lograd)(5.2; lograd)

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