[pstricks] pst-eps : wrong bounding box due to spurious blanks

Christian Sgraja csgraja at qualcomm.com
Tue May 18 14:48:13 CEST 2010

Hi all,

as to publication requirements, I have to go the old-fashioned way and
export my PSTricks figures and plots to EPS format for later inclusion.
Package pst-eps should be your friend in this case. Everything fine so
far, except that for figures with text placement via \rput, the EPS
bounding box is computed incorrectly. There is extra border space to the
left and at the bottom of the actual figure area.

I have tried to track down the issue; in the end, it seems that spurious
blanks are causing the problem. Consider the following example:






Either of the following modifications does solve the problem:

a) Delete the \rput line
b) Omit loading the pst-plot package

However, neither of them is an option, as I need to \rput my text and
load pst-plot for more advanced things. Basically, the issue is not tied
to pst-plot in particular, pst-node for instance causes the same extra
border space. A further observation: if you extend the text length from
"xxx" to "xxxxxx", the extra space to the left becomes larger.

To ensure that I'm using the latest sources, I have pulled over the
latest PSTricks TDS tree to my local texmf folder. However, this didn't
make a difference. Any clues?

Thanks, Christian

PS: resending as plain text.

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