[pstricks] Questions about pst-node

Martin Chicoine martin.chicoine at umontreal.ca
Fri May 7 17:12:24 CEST 2010

Hi all,

I use pst-node to draw the following diagram. I have some questions:

1) Why is the "Wide Gray Common Box 1" not well centered on the central

2) Is there a way to draw the top and bottom horizontal arrows without
having to specify the 2cm offsets?

3) Is there a better way to draw the gray frame?





\newcommand{\cadre}[1]{\fcolorbox{black}{cyan}{\parbox{6cm}{\centering #1}}}

  \parbox{6cm}{\centering Title} & \\
  \cadre{Box 1\\ (B1)} & \\
  \cadre{Box 2\\ (B2)} &
    \rput[b]{-90}{\colorbox{lightgray}{Wide Gray Common Box 1}} \\
  \cadre{Box 3\\ (B3)} & \\
  \cadre{Box 4\\ (B4)} & \\



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