[pstricks] [pracjourn-contributors] PracTeX Journal 2008-4

Lance Carnes lcarnes at pctex.com
Fri Apr 30 20:49:49 CEST 2010

The PracTeX Journal: Special issue

This 2008-4 issue of The PracTeX Journal includes a selection
of some of the most interesting papers published in the journal from
its beginning in 2004, through 2008.  Each editor selected a few
articles thought to be the best from that period.

This special issue was assembled by Paul Blaga, who also wrote a
review of a Russian LaTeX guide, and shows how to use a LaTeX
package to typeset Shakespeare plays.  We hope you enjoy it.


A note about the missing issues for 2009: The editors took the year
2009 off, and there will be no issues 2009-1 through 2009-4.  We also
decided to change the frequency from four issues per year to just two.

The first issue of 2010 is due out soon.  Editor Francisco Reinaldo
has assembled what will be the largest PracTeX Journal issue yet.  The
theme is LaTeX Academic Workbench, about LaTeX tools used in teaching
and research.

Lance Carnes
The PracTeX Journal

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