[pstricks] [tex-announce] Apr 2010 TUG news: conferences, software, TUGboat, interviews

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Fri Apr 30 01:11:23 CEST 2010

Dear TUG members,

- First, the upcoming TeX conferences in 2010:

  Apr 30-May 4 - BachoTeX 2010 (Bachotek, Poland)
  Jun 28-30 - TUG 2010 (San Francisco, USA)
  With special appearance by Don Knuth and his Stanford colleagues.
  Special one-day rate available.
  Aug 25-29 - EuroTeX 2010 (Pisa, Italy)

  Sep 13-18 - Fourth ConTeXt User Meeting (Brejlov, Czech Republic)
- TUG 2011 will be held in Cairo, Egypt, tentatively from November 28
  through December 1, and will include a planned excursion.  Hossam
  Fahmy of Cairo University is the chief organizer.

- TUGboat 31:1, a regular issue, will go to the printer shortly.  The
  deadline for the TUG'10 conference issue is July 19,
  and for the third issue September 1.
  New articles are very welcome.

- Work on the 2010 software release continues.  We optimistically hope
  for a summer release.  Initial builds of the new sources have gone well.

- The latest subject in the Interview Corner is from the early
  days of TeX and Metafont: Howard Trickey.

Karl Berry (President) on behalf of the TUG Board

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