[pstricks] two small comments about pst-plot

Patrice Mégret Patrice.Megret at umons.ac.be
Thu Apr 15 16:20:19 CEST 2010

Dear Herbert,

1.       In pst-plot, I have used labelFontSize=\scriptstyle (in mathLabel=true) to decrease the size of the labels. As I am using a log scale, it effectively decreases the size of the base but not of the exponent and the graph looks not beautiful.  To have the good behavior, I have switched to mathLabel=false and labelFontSize=\tiny and here everything is perfect. (My example comes from a graph I did for powerdot where even \tiny is readable)

2.       Would it be possible to have an option to rotate the labels for de x-axis like in pst-spectra ? (maybe also for the y-axis ?)

Best regards,



\psset{llx=-1.3cm,lly=-1cm,ury=0.2cm,urx=0.3cm,xAxisLabel={\tiny Date},yAxisLabel={\tiny Produit $BL$ [(\bit\per\second)$\times$\kilo\metre]},xAxisLabelPos={c,-3},yAxisLabelPos={-50,c}}
\psplot[linecolor=orange]{1850}{2011}{2.718 x 1850 sub 56 div exp}
\psdot(1860,1)\uput[0](1860,1){\tiny Télégraphe}
\psdot(1900,2.5)\uput[90](1900,2.5){\tiny Téléphone}
\psdot(1940,4.5)\uput[-45](1940,4.5){\tiny Câble coaxial}
\psdot(1950,6)\uput[0](1950,6){\tiny Micro-ondes}
\psdot(1978,9)\uput[0](1978,9){\tiny Optique}
\psdot(1990,12)\uput[135](1990,12){\tiny Amplification optique}
\psdot(2001,14.8)\uput[180](2001,14.8){\tiny DWDM}
\psdot(2009,17)\uput[180](2009,17){\tiny WDM cohérent}



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