[pstricks] discontinuous y-axis

Antoine Pairet antoine at pairet.be
Tue Apr 13 11:41:31 CEST 2010

Dear all,
Is there an option for psgraph environment to draw a discontinuous
y-axis? If not, is there such a functionality available in another
PSTrciks environment?

I am using psgraph and listplot to plot data from external files. The
graph shows the evolution of surface energy while the number of layers
in a slab is increased. For each type of slab, a convergence is observed
to a specific surface energy. Each convergence takes place in a range of
approx. 2O eV/Ang^2. The problem is that each convergence study is
separated by a large amount a white space. I would like to suppress this
white space by using a discontinuous y-axis:


I have not seen such an option in the documentation, but I could have
missed it. If you are aware of this option, please let me know.

If this option does not exist, what I plan to do is the following:
      * shift all the convergence values in order to suppress large
        white area
      * suppress the automatic drawing of the y-axis
      * manually construct a y-axis with \psline
      * manually place the ticks and labels on the y-axis

What do you think of this?

The PSTricks code I currently have is the following:

\pstScalePoints(1,1){}{23.5 sub}


\caption{Surface Energy of comparison for different Silicon (001)

The resulting figure showing lot of white space is attached to this

Best regards,
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