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Juergen Gilg gilg at acrotex.net
Mon Apr 12 18:58:10 CEST 2010

Dear list,

in the following example is some \multido - code to calculate some 
intersection points of circles.

However when increasing the number of repeating the multido-loop, i get 
a PS error.

The following example works -- however when increasing the loop number 
from 5 to 6 (or bigger), some PS errors come along.
There are four intersection points missing in my example file -- for 
sure i can calculate them by hand and insert them, but i am interested 
in what is going wrong with my calculation  code. Must be something with 
negative expressions within the square root.

Here the code:

%\pscircle*(!\rA\space 2 exp 1 sub sqrt 0){0.05}
\pscircle*(!\rA\space 2 exp \rB\space 2 exp sub 4 add 4 div \rA\space 
div 2 exp neg 1 add sqrt \rA\space mul  \rA\space 2 exp \rB\space 2 exp 
sub 4 add 4 div 1 sub){0.05}

Any explanations and help appreciated.
Anyone an idea?

Thanks in advance.



 Jürgen Gilg
 Austr. 59
 70376 Stuttgart
 Tel       0711.59 27 88
 e-Mail    gilg at acrotex.net

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