[pstricks] Help - Trig functions and axis labels

Hensh, Richard hensh at math.msu.edu
Fri Apr 2 17:18:11 CEST 2010

Try this:

  /rad2deg {RadToDeg} def %
  /s at x {rad2deg 2 mul sin 2 mul} def %
  /t at x {rad2deg tan} def %
    \psplot[linecolor=blue]{\xmin}{\xmax}{x s at x}%
    \psplot[linecolor=green,yMaxValue=15]{\xmin}{\xmax}{x t at x}%
    \uput{6pt}[20](!1 dup s at x){$w=2\sin 2s$}
    \uput{6pt}[-20](!1.95 dup t at x){$w=\tan s$}
    \psdots[linewidth=1.5pt,linecolor=red](!-3 dup s at x)(!PI 4 div dup s at x)


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   Everyone, I am an new to pstricks and all i can say is that i have enjoyed every moment of it. This is such a beautiful package. I want to learn more and more. I have some simple questions which i want you people to answer it. So, here are the questions:

# How can i name the axes according to my wish. For e.g i want the x-axis( y-axis) to be labeled as (a,b,c) where a,b,c could be any constants or mathematical constants such as pi etc. 

## Which is the best method to plot trigonometrical functions. Until now i am only able to plot these algebraic ones.



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