[pstricks] changing sizes of a PsTricks picture?

stefano franchi franchi at philosophy.tamu.edu
Mon Mar 29 17:40:15 CEST 2010

Dear all,

I am just beginning to use PsTricks and I am wondering if there are any
facilities to change the size of a picture. For instance, let's say I have
drawn a tree with  PsTricks, but the output is too large. Is there any way
to scale it down, or should I export  the output to eps and then reimport it
into Latex as picture?

My apologies if the question is very basic. I could not find answers in the
(rather overwhelming...) docs nor in the mailing list's archive.



Stefano Franchi
Department of Philosophy           Ph:   (1) 979 862-2211
Texas A&M University                 Fax: (1) 979 845-0458
College Station, Texas, USA
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