[pstricks] \ncline UPDATE (to Herbert Voss)

robert.fischer10 at arcor.de robert.fischer10 at arcor.de
Thu Mar 4 08:55:18 CET 2010

Hello Herbert,

problem is solved. Thank you for supporting:

The directory C:\Program Files\MiKTeX 2.7\dvips contains two locations for the same pro files:
a)the pst-* or pstricks directory is updated
b) the base directory is not updated (even not, if the package is removed ans reinstalled).

So I have just copied the *.pro from the pstricks directory to the base directory and it works!

Thanks for your help again.

Best Regards,

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> Hello Herbert,
> have you any assumption which _pro_ file? I have checked all the files, but
> seem to be up to date. Furthermore I have removed and reinstalled the pst-*
> mentioned in the log file. But the error keeps.
> What I have found out:
> \ncline[linestyle=dashed]{A}{B} leads to error described below
> \ncline{A}{B} works well
> Do you know the file where linestyle=dashed is handled? Maybe this is the
> not updated file... 
> Best Regards,
> Robert.

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