[pstricks] Grace and PSTricks

Antoine Pairet lists at pairet.be
Sat Feb 20 16:32:49 CET 2010

Hi all!
For my master thesis I need to use Grace [1] to produce graphics and
perform operations on it: interpolation, curve fitting and other
features. However, I am not satisfied with the quality of the graphics.
I am aware of the existence of psfrag package which allows overlaying
of .eps figures with arbitrary LaTeX constructions. But it is not
sufficient. In fact, I want my document to be as consistent as possible.
Therefore, the same fonts should be used everywhere. PSFrag will not
permit to change the font of the tick labels.

I am looking for a tool which would allow exporting graphics from Grace
to LaTeX and PSTricks. Does such a tool exist? If not, as far as I can
see, there are 2 possibilities:
      * hack into the Grace code to add the option to export to
        LaTeX/PSTricks. Grace already offers exportation to .ps
        and .eps. Modification of this part of the code would allow to
        export to .tex.
      * create a little program, external to Grace which would read .agr
        file and create a .tex file containing the PSTricks commands to
        reproduce the  graphics

Do you think of another solution? Is someone else interested in seeing
an export to LaTeX feature in Grace? 

Any help or advice is appreciated,
Best regards,

[1]: http://plasma-gate.weizmann.ac.il/Grace/

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